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8 Tips On Awesome Things You Can Do On Instagram

These days, Instagram is not just a little fun app anymore. It has grown over the years to become an active and huge social networking app with a large community of people that are always hungry for visual contents. To be truthful, people are practically browsing Instagram all the time as it is primarily mobile. Whether your aim is to increase engagement and get a few more followers or you want to be very popular on Instagram, there are some things you need to consider adding into your Instagram strategy.  

If all you want are a few new ideas on how and what to post, these tips could still be beneficial to you. Check out the tips discussed below to see how to use the ideas to increase engagement from your followers and improve your content on Instagram.

Use The Right Hashtags In Your Captions.

It is very important to use hashtags on Instagram. This is because hashtags are what people use to specifically find certain contents they’d like to view. Using hashtags help users in filtering down results based on phrases or keywords. The reason I am emphasizing on the importance of hashtags is because people search for them all the time. Instagram users with attractive videos or photos that incorporate a few relevant hashtags to their posts and contents have a good chance of getting more followers and engagement.


Post Photo Collages


A lot of active Instagram users post their photos as a collage. This involves incorporating multiple photos into one by using third-party apps. They practically condense several photos into a single post. Collages are a great way of using photos to tell stories on Instagram. You can combine them and showcase different scenes from a related event all at once, instead separately posting each photo.


Use Iconosquare To Track Your Statistics And Activity On Instagram


If you receive a good amount of engagement and also have many followers, it can be difficult to use the app to keep track of it all. Iconosquare is a free and great app you can use to checkout your stats on your Instagram account. It will show you the trends in your engagement. This way, you’ll see the types of contents and posts your followers like. You’ll also find out when they are likely to engage the most. Additionally, you can easily use the tool to read comments and respond accordingly, or see those that unfollowed you.

Post Time Lapse Videos

Recently, a standalone app called Hyperlapse was released by Instagram. Hyperlapse allows users to easily film and create time lapse videos in high-quality. A time lapse video is a video that its speed has been increased so people can watch it in a lesser amount of time. Time lapse videos are essential because there are a lot of contents online and people pay less attention to each one these days. A user can watch a video for as little as two seconds before choosing to move on.   Time lapse videos provide a more effective way to keep the attention of viewers while squeezing more footage into the video length limit of Instagram.

Edit Your Captions If You Forgot To Include Something Or If You Made A Mistake

Until recently, users weren’t allowed to edit captions on Instagram. If there’s something you really needed to change in the caption, you can’t unless you begin again and repost it.

However, captions are now editable.

Adding captions with no mistakes and including enough information makes your followers know you are conscious about what you post. What more, you can also remove hashtags later or add them. You can even tag users you want them to see your posts.


These days, it is true that people look at their mobile devices all the time. There are however some times and days of the week that are optimal to post your contents. If you want many people to see your posts and also want to get a lot of engagement, it is important to be conscious of when you post. The statistically proven times users are highly active on Instagram are early evenings, midday and mornings. Sundays and Thursdays are also recommended. Saturdays and Friday nights are however not usually so active.

Instagram users with similar number of followers often agree to partner up in order to promote each other in a bid to swap followers. This is called a "s4s" or a shoutout.

Usually, it involves agreeing to post photos or videos of one another for a stipulated amount of time and using the caption to instruct one's followers to go follow the account of the other user. After this, the partners sometimes delete one another. Shoutouts are one of the most effective and fastest ways to increase your followers on Instagram. The main downside is that you need to constantly post the content of another user and instructing your followers to follow them.

It is however good since your partner will also be doing the same. If the person get good engagement, your number of followers should be drastically increasing in no time. You can also click on the following link if you want to get a boost on Instagram.

Privately Message Groups And Individuals Using Instagram Direct This is recommended for you if you like posting contents many times with a few hours interval. There are some followers that like to follow accounts that are extremely active while others don’t. A great and easy way to share a video or photo post with your followers privately is by using Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct is a more effective way to directly contact a user, rather than commenting on one of their posts.

Additionally, it’s also a good way to share content to only a small numbers of followers instead of posting it for everyone to see.